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When asked by name, Khesari Lal was furious at this director and actor

Bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal Yadav has mentioned many times that in the initial days he was not considered a man in the industry. Khesari Lal expressed his displeasure at the film director Rajkumar Pandey and his son Chintu Pandey for similar comments. Khesari Lal had said that there is a family to whom I do not see men. Khesari Lal had expressed a lot of anger when he came live.

Khesari Lal Yadav had attacked the father and son and said that I do not see this family as male. What should I do to be seen by men? Khesari Lal had said that from Govinda to Kamal Haasan, she is not a man if she wore a sari in films. Not only this, Khesari had said that his films were a flop and that my film Mehndi Laga Ke Layana was a flop. They also say that I am doing a film in a year. But let me tell them that I have a record of doing 70 films in 7 years.

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Coming live from the gym, Khesari Lal said that he (Chintu and his father) was saying that I will kill if I meet them. I am speaking again, if I do not get caught, neither the entire family will be able to get rid of their hands. And I am not speaking in ego, but speaking with the power given to people. And I am doing good cinema now so I am doing fewer films. You look your 50 films are flops. And if there is talk of killing, I would like you to come in front of me and talk about killing. I will respect you

Recently, Khesari Lal said on the manly thing that I performed in one of my albums by wearing a sari. Which became quite a hit. After this, I performed in four-five songs wearing a sari. For this reason, some people in the industry did not consider me as a man. In another interview in this regard, Khesari Lal had said that initially, the entire Bhojpuri industry rejected me. People did not consider me a man. They used to say that this man is not a woman and such people do not become heroes. But I changed my shadow.

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