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Know that you are a good actor, but it is enough – when Dilip Kumar spoke to Raj Kapoor

Bollywood famous actor Raj Kapoor and actor Dilip Kumar had made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with their acting. Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor were considered each other’s best friends. The friendship of both was such that Raj Kapoor went dancing on his knees in Dilip Kumar’s procession. Not only this, he also tried hard to overcome the shyness of the tragedy king. At the same time, there was a moment when Dilip Kumar was upset with Raj Kapoor. He told the actor that I know that you are a very good actor, but now it is enough.

Dilip Kumar And this thing related to Raj Kapoor was revealed by Rishi Kapoor. Sharing this anecdote in ‘Dilip Kumar: The Substance and the Shadow’, he wrote, “Papa was in a coma and we also started feeling somewhere that he was going to say goodbye to this world soon.”

Rishi Kapoor Talking about Dilip Kumar further said, “As soon as he reached Mumbai from Pakistan, he came to Delhi to meet his father. Sitting next to his father, he said, “I know you are a very good actor and always like to be in limelight, but now enough is enough.”

Talking about Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor further said, “Tears were falling from his eyes and his voice was also getting stuck. Me and Randhir were watching all this standing still. I will never forget this memory of Yusuf Uncle, how he tried to wake Papa up and then left the room.”

Let us tell you that in the interview given to IDWA, Dilip Kumar was asked about the relationship between him and Raj Kapoor. On this the ‘Tragedy King’ had said, “Me and Raj are like brothers. When we went to school in Peshawar, our family was attached to each other ever since. After that we also studied together in Khalsa College.

Dilip Kumar told that Raj Kapoor always advised him to come in films. The actor had told about this, “He always used to tell me that I should step into acting. I am handsome and can be a star too. But I thought it was okay for him to say all this because he was the son of Prithviraj Kapoor and talent was in his veins.”

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