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When my affair went elsewhere, it came- Dharmendra spoke for Anita Raj in Indian Idol 12

Indian Idol 12: This weekend Dharmendra and famous 80s actress Anita Raj became a guest show on Sony TV’s singing reality show Indian Idol 12. During this, Dharmendra and Anita Raj shared many memories related to working together. A different style of Dharmendra was seen on the show, which the audience liked a lot. Dharmendra and Anita Raj brought back the memories of fans when they used to romance onscreen through romance on national television.

Dharmendra decorated Anita Raj’s hair with Gajra and said that he has been romancing since the age of 19 and he fell in love even at this age. After this Anita Raj gave him a red rose flower. Dharmendra also told the parents of one of the contestants how to romance by holding Anita’s hand. Dharmendra was seen telling Anita during the show that she had come when my affair went to another place.

Dharmendra and Anita Raj did many films together and their onscreen pairing was well received by the audience. When the two were working together in the film ‘Naukkar Biwi Ka’, the news of the closeness between the two made a lot of headlines. Dharmendra was married with Hema Malini at that time.

According to media reports, when these news reached Dharmendra’s house, there was a lot of controversy. After that both of them separated. However, neither Dharmendra nor Anita ever commented on the rumors of an affair.

Dharmendra married his first wife Prakash Kaur While living with him, he got married to actress Hema Malini for the second time. The love story of Hema Malini and Dharmendra is also very interesting. Hema Malini came on the Indian Idol show a few days ago and then she told that her family members were against Dharmendra and their relationship.

When she used to go to the shoot, her mother or aunt used to come with her. One day Hema’s father had accompanied her on the shoot. He was aware of Hema and Dharmendra’s relationship and He wanted to keep his daughter away from Dharmendra. Hema had told that when Hema and Dharmendra used to sit together in the car, her father used to come and sit in the middle.

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