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When Pawan Singh had vowed never to work with Rani Chatterjee, know the reason

Pawan Singh is known as the power star of Bhojpuri cinema. However, he is counted as an artist with many controversies. His controversy with Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh is well known. But there was a time when Pawan Singh’s dispute with Rani Chatterjee was also in the headlines. However, both of them never spoke openly about this. Nor did the controversy arise in the media but in an interview, taking the name of Rani Chatterjee, Pawan Singh said that he had vowed never to work in life with Rani.

On the question of controversies with Rani Chatterjee and Akshara Singh, Pawan Singh had taken the name of Rani Chatterjee and said that misunderstandings happen in life. That was a misunderstanding that has now gone away. Pawan Singh further said that there was a time when we thought that I would never work with him in life. Neither she will come in front of me nor I will go in front of her. But the misunderstanding was cleared and he felt that Pawan Singh was right.

When we were singers, he did not understand anything, Manoj Tiwari gave the reason for the controversies with Ravi Kishan. (Opens in a new browser tab)

Pawan Singh said that now we also talk and are also working together. On the other hand, Pawan Singh said about Akshara Singh, all I can say in front of this name is that no comment. I will say one more thing that God blesses. Let me tell you that this year many songs of Pawan Singh with Rani Chatterjee have been released. Rani and Pawan Singh’s chemistry was seen in Dogi by taking photos and defaming them on the sari.

Taking the matter further, Pawan Singh said that I see myself standing in the mirror. If I were wrong, I would proclaim my right but I prefer to remain silent. There was a time when I was quite broke by it. Had told my friend Deepak that I am leaving the singing and acting line. He dared me and explained that you live for the audience. The man breaks down sometimes but I am overcome by the love of the audience.

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