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When Rajkumar started calling Dharmendra and Jitendra as Junior Artist ..

The style of Hindi cinema veteran Rajkumar was neither, nor anyone. Even today, Rajkumar is remembered for his amazing attitude and dressing style. The actor’s status was such that all the work started coming from the system as soon as he came on the set. Rajkumar did not like Late Latifi at all. He was blunt, who felt immediately spoke in front of him.

Rajkumar once said something about Jitendra and Dharmendra, which made him a bit annoyed. Actor Ranjith had narrated some tales of Rajkumar during an interview. He had told that Raj Saheb’s sense of humor was such that once he called Dharmendra and Jitendra as Junior Artist. 

Ranjit had said clearly while saying – ‘If I talk to you well today, then you will say that you are a good man. Suppose I have just come after a quarrel with my wife and now I am giving an interview in front of you, then I cannot live the same. Suppose tomorrow you come and I do not meet you, then you will form an opinion for me. ‘

He further said- ‘Writing in the rest of the press that Rajkumar was very stupid, he used to joke. See now, his sense of humor was like when Dharmendra and Jeetendra ever said how come junior artist? So they do not mean to hurt both of them. According to me, he is a human. Yet Dharmendra and Jitendra must have considered it bad at the time. The prince also made it clear how many juniors you are to me brother. I did not say anything different, right?

Ranjit had further told- ‘Then such things used to happen and the press people used to do something. They were not hungry for money, who did not like things. Now it was Raj Saheb that he did not like a man, so he did not work with him. He used to say- No, your face does not look good, do not work with you. ‘

While sharing another anecdote of Rajkumar, Ranjith had told- ‘He was a director and went to tell the story by applying oil on his head. Raj Saheb said that hey man came with oil and the mood got disturbed. So he said clearly, he was like this.

Let us tell you, Rajkumar was a police officer before he came into the acting world. According to reports, he had some serious allegations, due to which he quit the police job. After this, Rajkumar stepped into the acting world.

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