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When Smita Patil insisted on getting makeup done like a corpse, know the whole story

Today (June 23) is the birthday of Bollywood actor and Congress MP Raj Babbar. There was a lot of discussion about Raj Babbar’s relationship with actress Smita Patil. When married Raj Babbar started living with Smita Patil, he was criticized a lot. People used to say for Smita Patil that she is destroying someone’s house. Smita Patil and Raj Babbar used to love each other a lot but both of them could not get married, Smita Patil’s desire to become married remained unfulfilled.

Smita Patil was a very simple person and she was not fond of makeup etc. One day she went to the sets of a film where actor Rajkumar’s make-up was being done. Rajkumar was to be shown dead in the scene where he is lying on the ground. The make-up man was doing her make-up and then Smita Patil saw Rajkumar. He had asked makeup man Deepak Sawant to do his makeup in the same way.

Smita Patil’s make-up artist had told BBC, ‘Once she saw Rajkumar doing makeup for a film while lying down and started telling me that Deepak should do my makeup like this. And I said that this will not happen to me, madam. It will look as if doing make-up of a dead body.

Deepak also tells that after this Smita Patil often used to tell him that if I die, prepare me like a honeymoon. After death, This last wish of Smita Patil was fulfilled and she was groomed like a honeymoon.

Smita Patil had become quite lonely in her last days. Raj Babbar also started making distance. Raj Babbar used to say that he would divorce his wife Nadira and marry her but this could not happen. Smita Patil had a son from Raj Babbar, Prateek Babbar. Smita Patil passed away 15 days after Prateek’s birth.

Smita Patil gave Bollywood’s best films in her 10-year film career. He was awarded the National Award twice for the films ‘Bhumika’ and ‘Chakra’.

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