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When Sri Lanka crown was snatched on stage, she went out angry, know the reason

The winner of Mrs. World took the crown from the winner of Mrs. Sri Lanka during a beauty queen contest in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo last week. After this incident, there was a ruckus on the stage itself and Mrs. Sri Lanka went out angry. Now Mrs. World, who snatched the crown in this case, has been taken into custody. A case has been registered against him for allegedly hurting content and ruining property. Mrs. World, taken into custody, is named Caroline Jury. The police have also detained one of his companions, Chula Padmendra.

What happened ?: Caroline Jury and former model Chula Padmendra made their presentation at the event held last Saturday. During this, Pushpika DeSilva was declared the winner of the Mrs. Sri Lanka beauty pageant. After which the jury alleged that DeSilva is divorced and only married women are allowed to participate in this competition.

When the organizers paid no heed to this allegation, they forcibly took the title of winner of DeSilva and placed it on the head of the runner-up, and declared it the winner. DeSilva lodged a police complaint in this case after which the organizers returned him the crown of the winner.

Police detained Mrs World A police officer said that we have taken Mrs Jury and Chula Padmendra into custody. De Silva, who was injured during the evacuation of the Taj, was treated at a local hospital. De Silva wrote a post on Facebook and said that the whole incident was an injustice and disgrace to him. She said that she will take action in this matter.

DeSilva said that she is separated from her husband but she is not yet divorced. He said, ‘A real queen is not a woman who snatches another’s crown, but rather a woman who silently crowns another woman’s head.’ Meanwhile, Mrs. World Inc. also described Caroline’s behavior as regrettable.

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