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When the heart was broken, Rajesh Khanna spoke for Tina Munim – he cannot love anyone!

Tina Munim used to love innocent Rajesh Khanna. Kaka was also supposed to kill him. Tina wanted to marry Rajesh Khanna and settle down, but despite a long wait, they did not see this happening, because Kaka was married. She had a feud with Dimple Kapadia and she was living separately, but the two had not divorced.

Tina hoped that Rajesh Khanna would divorce Dimple and marry her. However, this did not happen despite the long wait and finally, Tina Munim decided to break up with Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh Khanna was completely shattered by his decision. While Tina was leaving him, Kaka was crying and pleading with him not to leave her. However, Tina did not change her decision.

‘Kaka just loves himself’: In Rajesh Khanna’s biography, senior journalist and writer Yasir Usman have written in detail on the relationship between Kaka and Tina Munim. He wrote in an article by writer Shobhaa Dey that once he (Shobhaa De) asked Tina if the two really loved each other, Tina smilingly replied that Kaka was in love with someone. can not do. He just loved himself. ‘

‘Make a film with me or choose it’: Famous director Sawan Kumar signed Rajesh Khanna and Tina Munim for his film ‘Sautan Ki Beti’. Then Kaka used to stay in Tina’s house. Preparations for the shooting of the film were going on. Meanwhile, both of them broke up. Yasir Usman writes to Sawan Kumar that one day Rajesh Khanna called him at his house and bluntly said, ‘Either make a film with me or with him… choose one.’ He later made the film with Jitendra and Jayaprada.

Let us tell you that Tina Munim also moved forward in her life after her breakup with Rajesh Khanna. His name was also associated with Sanjay Dutt. However, this relationship also did not last long. Later she came close to Anil Ambani and both of them got married after many years of date. Now Tina Munim is known as Tina Ambani.

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