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When the truth of Parveen Babi and Kabir Bedi relationship was revealed in front of the wife, then know what happened ..?

Kabir Bedi Book, Stories I Must Tell: In the life of Hindi cinema actress Parveen Babi with a very beautiful and bold style, three such people were entered in the life, which she loved very much. But Parveen Babi’s love could not be fulfilled. When Kabir Bedi came into the life of Parveen Babi, Parveen was quite happy.

At the same time, Kabir also felt better by making Parveen a part of his life. Because everything was not going well in Kabir’s life as well. Kabir Bedi was married. In such a situation, when his wife came to know about Parveen and Kabir, he reacted very differently. Kabir Bedi himself revealed this in his biography.

In his biography ‘Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life of the Actor’, he told that when wife Pratima came to know about Kabir and Parveen’s affair, she herself encouraged both of them to have this relationship.

Kabir told in his book- When Parveen’s entry in Kabir’s life, he broke his marriage with the statue. Kabir was in the ‘open marriage’ with the statue. Kabir and Pratima did not have the same love as before. He explained in his book that the way the husband and wife feel for each other was not in their midst.

In such a situation, there was a shortcoming in Kabir Bedi’s life. Which Parveen Babi came and completed. Bedi told in his book – It was a period when he started feeling quite alone. Then Parveen entered his life. The two fell in love with each other and happily started living together.

Pratima and Kabir Bedi were married in the year 1969. At the same time, both of them got divorced in 1977. Kabir told in the book that in 1997, Pratima gave an interview to Stardust magazine in which she said – I had the approval of Parveen and Kabir’s relationship but I encouraged both of them to be close to each other.

Kabir said that Pratima had said in the interview that she had no problem with the relationship between Kabir and Parveen Babi. She just wanted her husband Kabir to come back to her again. Kabir told that he had said- I and Kabir could not attract each other. I still wanted to keep them close. Once I had a house party in which I saw Kabir and Parveen very close to each other. In the book, Kabir also mentions that the statue wanted both Kabir and Parveen to be together forever. But he had also told Parveen Babi not to take Kabir too seriously.

Let me tell you, Parveen Bobby has been in 3 relationships in her life. Parveen Babi loved Kabir Bedi very much. After this, Denny entered his life. Then Parveen Babi was in a relationship with Mahesh Bhatt after her breakup with Denny. All the three relationships of the actress broke down one by one.

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