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Which internet browser is the best? Firefox is better than Chrome in privacy!

Most people use the Google Chrome browser to search the Internet. The speed of Google Chrome is fast and it is more convenient. But it has less privacy features. If you want some other search engine instead of Google Chrome, you can download Firefox of Mozilla in the phone, laptop, or desktop. Firefox has better safety tools for the privacy of users than Google Chrome.

What is special in google chrome

The most popular web browser is Google Chrome. Its speed is very fast and it is easy to browse. Whether you want to check email, update something on social media, or read some news, people open Google Chrome first.

Google Chrome is behind in the privacy of users
But on this internet browser, you take all the updates, from there your information is also leaked. Most big advertising companies take details of the profile from cookies or other tracking technology or create advertising profiles based on your search. However, in order to maintain the privacy of its users, the new Google Chrome 86 has been upgraded with security-related security, which includes security tools related to password management and idle downloads. But even after this, Google Chrome is not able to stop the third party company which looks at the profile of the users and the profile which they make for advertising based on that information.

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Better security in Firefox?
If you want another internet browser instead of Google Chrome, then Firefox is a good option. Firefox is a non-profit foundation Mozilla web browser. Firefox has more safety points than Google Chrome. Firefox has already banned third-party cookies, that is, the technology of searching on your internet. Not only this, Firefox has blocked the technology that tracks the profile of users. . Mozilla’s Firefox has taken the necessary steps to maintain the privacy of users and has also acquired the tag of Most Innovative Company in 2019 by Fast Company due to using anti-tracking technology. Mozilla has recently become the first company to adopt Do Not Track signals for web browsers.

More features in Firefox

Pocket web clipping tools in Firefox and reformatting web pages to make reading easier are some of the additional features.

In Firefox you can easily switch to dark mode anytime to give rest to eyes and battery.

Open as many tabs as you want in Firefox and you can create a collection to stay on task.

You can download Firefox for Android on your phone and then switch to the Firefox browser on your laptop. After this, you will open your bookmarks, saved logins, and browsing history with Firefox in any device.

Firefox browser can remember passwords on all your devices.

How to download firefox to laptop or desktop

To download go to https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ website

Read all the instructions and features on the website.

Click on Download Firefox

Firefox Installer.exe ‘will start downloading

Click on the file and run the process and complete the Firefox browser downloading.

To download Firefox in the phone, search Firefox in Android users play store.

Search Firefox by visiting the iPhone users app store

Click the Firefox browser and download this app.

After downloading Firefox, use Firefox to browse the Internet.

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