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Which is the best split AC and window AC, know here the advantages and disadvantages of both

The heatwave continues across the country. In such a situation it is very difficult to live without AC. Often when people go to buy a new AC, there are many questions in their mind, such as buy a split AC or a window AC. They also think that which of these will be the best, so today we will give you answers to these questions. We will tell what are the advantages and disadvantages of split AC and window AC. Let’s know about them.

This is the difference between the two

The big difference between split AC and window AC is that split air conditioners (indoor and outdoor) come in 2 units, while window air conditioners come in single units. Split air conditioners make less noise than window air conditioners. However, they are not easy to set up and they take up more space than window AC.

Advantages of Split AC

Split AC cools the room very quickly. They are fitted with wide blowers which give more amount of cool air. Its compressor makes less noise. Its condenser is outside. Even if you do not have a window in your room, you can put it in the room.

Disadvantages of Split AC

Installing Split AC is not easy. For this, you have to drill in the wall. These AC are a bit expensive. In addition, they also consume more electricity. Their maintenance is slightly higher than window ACs.

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Advantages of Window AC

Window AC can be easily installed. These are slightly less expensive than split AC. For this, you do not need to drill in the wall. Maintenance cost is very less in these ACs. They consume less electricity.

Disadvantages of Window AC

Window AC gives gradual cooling of the entire room. They make more noise than split ACs. The special thing is that it is very important to have a window in the room to install them. Due to being engaged outside, there is a risk of them getting spoiled quickly.

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