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Who is Sonam Wangchuk? 3 Idiot Story Related!!

Sonam Wangchuk’s videos are viral these days, saying against China. Sonam Wangchuk saying in these videos to boycott the products of China. So we should know that who is Sonam Wangchuk?

We know Sonam Wangchuk a decade before as Amir Khan performed a character in his movie in 3 Idiots. Sonam Wangchuk is a talented person as he has at least 400 patents on his name. His works are amazing & everyone gets shocked by knowing his work. Sonam Wangchuk is an engineer as a profession, But for a long time, he is in Ladakh in the social welfare of the Ladakh.

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Sonam Said in his video’s in a very simple & justifying way. Sonam Wangchuk justifies how we should boycott the Chinese things & products which will be better for us & our nation. His videos are being viral these days very fast & have millions of views on social media platforms.

The video of Sonam Wangchuk is in the two parts in which he has explained how much it is important for us to boycott Chinese products. The video which is in 2 parts is named ‘Cheen ko Jawab’ in these videos he had answered many questions that are in our mind regarding the boycotting the Chinese items.

Why we need to Boycott the Chinese Products??

Amir Khan played the character of Sonam Wangchuk in the movie 3 idiots. Sonam explained in his videos that we need to boycott Chinese products as the Chinese are occupying some of our lands. He said we should boycott Chinese products because the Chinese produce their products with child labor.

He also said that China is surrounded by many problems, factories are closed in China in the Corona pandemic, export is shut in which the laborers are unhappy with the Chinese administration. To deviate the mind of his common public he created tensions with different countries on the various borders.

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Sonam said that China can be answered only in one way is to boycott the made in China products. Sonam told many ways that how we can boycott the Chinese items.

Sonam Wangchuk as Engineer??

Sonam Wangchuk was born on 1st September 1966. He is a Ladhaki engineer & scientist, he works in the welfare of the Ladakh. He has developed many things which made the lives of people very easy. He has done his Engineering from NIIT Srinagar.


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