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The expert told why America’s presidential election is very important for India

Presidential elections are close in America and the importance of millions of Indians living there has also increased. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are trying to woo Indians. On the other hand, just as important is the role of Indians in America’s presidential elections, presidential elections are also important for India. Political expert and foreign affairs expert Amitabh Mattu, in his article in the Indian Express, said that bilateral relations between India and the United States have strengthened over the last few years between China and China. Whether the President is Democrat or Republican, there are some fluctuations between the two countries.

Why is this election of America important for India?

India and America’s relations are more important than any other country because of economy, strategy, and social reasons. Mainstream political thinkers also appear to favor strong ties between these two countries. Political thinkers may also differ from Indians living in America, but they only want to see good relations between fatherland and birthplace or workplace. First, the Indo-Soviet treaty in 1971 was a response to America’s inclination towards Pakistan. But in 2020, relations between India and the United States are steadily strengthening China and China. At the same time, the war and tension between China and the United States continue.

Will the agreement between India and China be affected by the election results?

Both presidential candidates understand China’s challenge. If Trump gets a second term, he may counter China in a more aggressive way. At the same time, Biden can adopt a slightly soft approach.

There are three options for an emerging superpower like India, defending, balancing or bowing a head. The first option calls for continued cooperation with China for mutual interests. If Biden’s government is formed, it is more likely that India will have to follow the same path. 
If you quietly kneel in front of China, relations with America can get worse and it is also against self-respect. Balancing China is a very challenging task and can also be a demand for Trump governance. In such a situation, India will have to build stronger relations with America.

Do Republican presidents favor India more than Democrats?

There may have been a lot of controversies under the rule of Republican presidents, but relations with India have always strengthened. If we also take the example of John F. Canady and George Bush after the Second World War, both of them had reached Delhi and appeared in favor of strengthening the relationship with India enthusiastically. Canady had appointed a Harvard professor as his ambassador to India, through which ideological exchanges between the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and President Canady were frequent. Later US First Lady Jacqueline also came to India. Nehru was very impressed with Jackie. During the reign of Canady, India received many financial aids and in the war of 1962 there was also military support. If Canady had not been killed in 1963 and Nehru had not died in 1964, relations between India and America would have been strengthened.

When George Bush came to Delhi, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had said, ‘People of India really love you very much. What you have done for the relationship between the two countries is historic. ‘ Manmohan Singh was also emotional during his meeting. Bush also said that there are 150 million Muslims in India, yet Al Qaeda is not. amazing! Bush also had a role in the nuclear deal between the two countries.

The bad phase of relations between India and the United States can be called the reign of Republicans Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton in the US. During Nixon’s tenure, the US had turned towards Pakistan. Nixon was prejudiced against India and Indians. After 1990, the nuclear deal was canceled during Clinton’s rule, and talk of separating Kashmir began. However, after the 1998 nuclear test, the then Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh again communicated with the US and worked to balance.

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