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When the swag was carried away in trucks and containers, the story of the world biggest robbery

There has been more than one big robbery in the world. Many times the loot money was sent by filling it in trucks and containers, then any theft was recorded in the Guinness Book. In these robberies, goods worth crores were looted.

There are incidents of theft and robbery happening every day all over the world, but there are some thefts that make a record. Today we are going to tell you about some such thefts, in which the looted goods were sometimes carried in a container and sometimes in a truck. If someone robbed all the goods in front of everyone, then someone’s exploit has also been recorded in the Guinness World Records.

The Great Train Robbery- This robbery in 1963 England happened in a train. Bruce Reynolds and his gang stole £2.6 million from the Royal Mail train. Later all the accused were caught. But it was the biggest thief then, and a film has also been made on it.

northern bank robbery The robbery took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In this, 26.5 million pounds of cash was robbed from the headquarters of Northern Bank. In this, the gang of robbers had taken the members of the families of two bank officials hostage, so that they could cooperate in the robbery.

dumber booty The robbery took place in a bank in America. It was the biggest robbery in American history. In this, a bank employee had robbed $ 18 million from the cash van.

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Robbery in Iraqi bank Before America’s invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s son reached Iraq’s Central Bank with a form. Gave the form to the bank manager and left with all the money in trucks. Till date, no trace of this money has been found.

Central Locker Robbery BrazilThe story of this robbery is also strange, the robbers from the middle of the city took away all the money by filling them in containers and no one even noticed. The robbery amounted to $95 million, and the thieves took it out of town after stuffing it into five containers.

Carlton Hotel Booty- This loot was the biggest jewelry robbery in the world. Jewelry worth $30 million was looted in it. The plunder was so great that it was entered in the Guinness Book of World.

UK bond robbery In May 1990, a briefcase was robbed of a man at knifepoint in the City of London. At first, it seemed like an easy snatching case, but it was later discovered that the briefcase contained a bond of 292 million pounds. Later, the body of the suspected thief was also found. The robbery could not be traced.

Beirut Bank Robbery: Palestine Liberation Organization dacoits robbed a British bank branch in Beirut to the tune of 25 million euros. The robbers had carried out this robbery on the strength of the weapon. In this robbery too, money and gold were taken away in trucks.

The Grand Diamond Robbery- It was stolen at the New Bond Diamond Store in London. In this, dacoits entered the showroom posing as makeup men and robbed jewelry worth 40 million euros. This robbery was carried out by only two people.

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