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World Most dangerous Airports…

The last weak Air India plane crashed at Kozhikode Airport Kerala on Friday. According to the starting investigation, the accident happened due to the bad weather & tabletop runway.

In that flight total of 189 passengers were there in which along with pilot & co-pilot 19 people lost there lives. Many passengers are injured & are being shifted to the hospitals. Tabletop runways are the runway that is either on any mountain or plateau which means a valley in the side of the runway. These airports seem to be very dangerous runways.

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Today we will see the 5 most dangerous Airport.

Courchevel Airport.

Courchevel Airport is an International airport in France. The flights coming from other countries land at this Airport. The runway length of this airport is 525 meter’s which is said to be very dangerous. The airport is in the mountains of France due to which most of the time snow is present over here. This runway is not straight like other runway’s there is a slope in between the runway.

World Most dangerous Airports...
image source: Ritebook

Tenzing Hillary Airport.

Tenzing Hillary airport of Nepal has also known a Lukla airport. This airport is very small, this is situated in the mountains of Nepal. Being in the mountains the weather changes here very randomly & becomes foggy many times. There is a slope on the runway of 12%. Landing on this runway is very difficult & dangerous. There being many accidents at this airport.

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Paro Airport.

Paro Airport is situated in Bhutan in the Paro district. It is a single airport that comes in the Himalaya region of Bhutan. This is a very small airport & surrounded by many houses. This airport is surrounded by mountains of 16,000 feet height. The planes need to cross the mountains & reach this airport. There only experienced pilots are allowed to land.

Bara Airport.

Bara airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. This is situated in Scotland 9n an Island. This is the first runway where planes don’t land on the runway they land on beech. This airport is built on the beech, Whenever there is high tide the Airport sinks. Storms hit this airport most of the time. Landing & taking off is very difficult at this airport.

World Most dangerous Airports...
image source: Daily Mail

Gibraltar Airport.

It is an International Airport, The runway of this airport is made the main road of the city crosses the airport. In this, if any car breaks the traffic light there can be a major accident at this airport. When any landing is done then roads are closed on both sides.

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