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“You are Very Young & Energetic” PM to Suresh Raina

As we all know, In our Indian cricket team there are many talented players who play very hard and made our nation proud. In the list such players Suresh Raina is one of the names.

So after serving a nation from no.of years finally On 15th august 2020 a very famous Indian cricketer “Suresh Raina” announced his retirement with his beloved friend and a very hard working cricketer MS Dhoni.

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After hearing the news of retirement, fans of Raina are in dilemma and continuously posting their wishes on social media. All fans are thinking that the retirement of these two players will bring the end of this golden era.

As Suresh Raina is a very good player in Indian cricket. He is one of the aggressive left-handed middle-order batsman and an off-spinner. He is also considered one of the best fielders in the cricket world.

So after hearing the news of his retirement, PM Modi writes an individual letter for Suresh Raina and gives him wishes for his future.

"You are Very Young & Energetic" PM to Suresh Raina
image source: Ommcom News

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PM Modi”s letter to Suresh Raina-

After writing the letter to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, our prime minister wrote a letter to Suresh Raina also. In his letter, PM Modi mentioned that –
“ as you are very young and energetic, I will not use the word retirement for u. In your cricket career, you did very work hard even after so many injuries and failures.

He also mentioned that he really enjoyed his game in the 2011 world cup quarter finale and said that he could never forget his role in that world cup. Pm Modi said that fans will surely miss that cover drives which I have seen on that day.

He told Raina as a Man of Team who always celebrates others’ success. Along with this, he added that you (Raina) always played for the team and his nation, not for fame and your fielding is always appreciable.

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He also appreciates his work towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and women empowerment. At last, our prime minister said that he believes that you will surely get success in everything, you will do in the future.

By posting the letter of pm Modi on social media, Suresh Raina replied on twitter that- “whenever we play we only play for our nation. There is no other best gift for us than being loved by our Indians and by our honorable prime minister PM Modi.

He added that he feels very thankful for his words of appreciation and best wishes. I accept them with gratitude. Jai Hind. Fans of Raina only hope for his bright and happy future. Best wishes.

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