Home Nation Zomato providing period leave for Ladies & Transgender...

Zomato providing period leave for Ladies & Transgender…

Zomato has came up with great innitiative, Giving 10 days leave to their female & transgender employees for periods. As we all know physiologically men and women are not the same.

A woman has to go through various hormonal changes in her body every month. yes, we are talking about the menstrual cycle. During these days women feel so weak, she gets a menstrual cramp, she does not want to do any work, all over the body of a woman is in pain, wants to eat more, these days she gets angry quickly, she gets mood swings.

Zomato Cheif Deepinder Goyal taken a good initiative to give 10 days periods leave in a year to women (including transgender). He said, there should not be ashamed for applying for menstrual leave. we support trust, truth, and acceptance.

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women are free to tell the staff on the internal group and can email them that you are on your period leave for a day. Goyal said in his post, that if women do not feel good and unavailable to attend the office so she can take period leave for a day.

Zomato providing period leave for Ladies & Transgender...
Zomato providing period leave for Ladies & Transgender

She only informs in the HR portal and communicates with the team that reschedules the meeting that she is in her period leave. he also wrote a note for men that, our female employees saying that they are on their period leave so that should not uncomfortable for us.

Mental and physical fitness is very important. if a person is mentally and physically fit so can do their work in a more efficient manner. These days all women want is rest, care, and food which keeps her healthy.

Menstrual cramp is very painful. it feels pain like a broken bone, most of the women feel vomit and headache and spinning head.

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If female and transgender employee facing any type of harassment and any comment from men for applying period leave, so you are free to vocal about this matter and can complain about it in speakup@zomato.com- our prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) team will take immediate action of that, said zomato Cheif Deepinder Goyal.

Most of the women have 14 menstrual cycles. adjusting the probability female having their periods at the weekend so they have the right to get 10 extra leave in a year compared to men. you can only take one-period leave for every menstrual cycle, said Goyal.

Zomato took the good initiative to give periods leave to their female employees. it feels good to see people are understanding that this not the curse for women, this is a cycle that every woman has to suffer and want rest and care in those days.

Zomato chief understands the pain of women in the menstrual. we are living in the 21st century but still many people ashamed to talk about periods. Most women can not talk about this with their family and work night and day without taking rest and without having proper meals these days.

In our country, many women died because of not having proper knowledge and proper resource. they do not use sanitary pads, they still use rag clothes, dirty clothes, ashes, etc. which is made them ill.


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