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Zoology Course After 12th: What is Zoology? Learn how to do the course, complete information will be available here


  • You can become a zoologist after graduation in zoology
  • Apart from the private sector, there is also a government job option.
  • Know from which institute you can do the course

Career After Zoology Degree: If you love nature and wildlife and you like to live among them, then you can make a career as a zoologist by doing graduation in zoology. Here you will get good work with good salary. The experts who study and do research in biology are called zoologists. Zoologists study the behavior of animals and all the processes related to them like living, eating habits, origin, development and life cycle etc. Apart from this, they also study organisms like plants, fungi, viruses, bacteria, fishes, insects and insects.

Course and Work of Zoology

Zoology is a discipline in the world of science that explores all aspects of the animal world that lives in the lap of nature. It studies the process of origin and development of animals, their structure, behavior, activities, and their various uses for the benefit of human beings. Almost all universities in India offer BSc, MSc, and Research degrees in Zoology where merit is made the basis for admission. On the other hand, for admission to prestigious institutes like the Indian Institute of Science or the Indian Institute of Science Research and Education, NCBS (National Center for Biological Sciences), an entrance exam has to be given.

Presently IITs are also offering B.Tech in Microbiology and Biotechnology for which it is necessary to give entrance exam in 12th with Biology and Maths. There is a good scope for studies and research in this subject related to the study of animals. At PG level you can study Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Environmental Science, Forestry, Marine Studies, Human Genetics, Wildlife Science, Sericulture Technology, Phytomedical Science and Technology, Industrial Fisheries, Marine Biology, Oceanography, You can make a better career by choosing any one option from Anatomy, Animal Biotechnology, Coastal Aquaculture.

You can make career here

Government Sector

If you want to go in the government sector, then you can give Indian Forest Services exam with graduation in zoology which gives you an opportunity to protect wildlife along with a better career. Apart from this, with PG or M.Phil, one can get an opportunity to work as a scientist in the Zoological Survey of India, Wildlife Institute, Dehradun or The Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education.

Animal protection work

Due to changes in nature and human intervention, fauna species are becoming extinct rapidly all over the world, to save which global organizations like World Wildlife Federation as well as central and state governments also take the help of zoology experts. In case of natural calamities, accidents, or destruction of the natural habitat of animals, the services of animal rehabilitation are taken. Their job is to take care of animals, treat sick animals and when they recover, release them back into the natural environment.


There is no dearth of options in the Medical Forensic Department, Testing Lab, and Medical Research for the students of branches like Genetics, Biotechnology, Microbiology or Parasite Biology. Apart from this, you can also give heights to your career by joining companies manufacturing medicines for humans and animals.


There are immense possibilities of research in this field, even today there are thousands of such animals, about which the world does not know. This is the reason that all the best universities and research institutes of the country and the world are giving importance to research in the field of zoology. There is also a demand for researchers of zoology in global organizations related to environmental protection. Also, you can get a good salary as a research fellow in companies related to cosmetics, pharmacy, and animal products.

Animal Husbandry

There are plenty of employment opportunities available in all the fields related to animal husbandry in India. These include work-related to fisheries, poultry, sericulture, and breeding and maintenance of farm animals.

Zoo Keeping

Zoo-keeping jobs can be a relaxing option for zoology students who have a passion for animals. Their job is to maintain the zoo and aquarium and take proper care of the animals.


If you are interested in doing research on animals as well as bringing their life cycle to the public, then you can go into the edutainment industry. Here you can do documentary production, content research, scriptwriting, filmmaking, expert support for channels like Discovery and National Geographic.

Do course from here

  1. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  2. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  3. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Hyderabad
  4. Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi
  5. National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar
  6. Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore

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